Oak Curtain Holdbacks | Tie Backs | Pack of 2


What's in the box
2x Curtain Holdbacks
4x Screws of choice
4x Wall plugs
  • curtain holdbacks can be placed all around the home and in hotels, workplaces and they come with a unique hardwearing finish.
  • These steam bent holdbacks will hold your curtains in place and can be easily attached to your walls ether using supplied screws or adhesive backing based on your purchase. 
  • The holdbacks-tiebacks are a unique modern day twist to hold your curtains back with an innovative design they boast elegance and style. 
  • They are steam bent in a traditional and symbolic art of the ages, the shape gives a classic and uncomplicated look.
  • Their instinctive form is particularly designed to balance style and ease of use. The fixings come in Brass, Steel, or Black.
  • Available in 3 hardwoods (Walnut, Oak, Ash), the curtain holdbacks are professionally finished with a hard wearing wax to ensure a totally natural look while maintaining and enduring a long-lasting finish.
  • Made from solid american black walnut.
  • Straightforward to install. Comes with mounting plugs suitable for surfaces – including wood, plasterboard, or masonry brick walls.

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