Bent wood design using steam

Benefits of steam bending

Benefits of steam bending

Here are a few highlights of using the steam to make beautiful furniture

  • Most effective way to reduce your carbon foot print
  • Less material wastes
  • Low power consumption
  • Complex design with a minimalist look
  • Less or no jointing hardware required
  • Strong and flexible design

Why we do what we do

Here at Noir.Design we have an ethos to reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible. As being woodworkers and designer, we understand how we can make small changes to make a big impact. Not only do we re engineer everyday items to be carbon efficient, we do it in away to reduce the amount of surplus material required for every project. Like our awarding winning wall hooks, not did we only want them to look nice but strong to, a simple design with a lot of engineering behind the product. Only standing at 4mm thick these hooks can hold up to 10kg.

So how does steam bending work?

First you need the right wood, we only use the best prime grade wood. Using prime grade woods tend to have less knots. Which helps to produce the strongest and tightest bend, or you would have to start treating the knots and potently have a failure. We also look for the ideal wood grain as none are equal just as humans. Wood isn’t the perfect by all means, a lot of research has to go into find the correct piece for the job. So, let’s say we now have our wood of choice what’s next, you may ask. Well the fun begins lots of cutting and sanding.   

No we have our prices cut to size we steam them just enough at the right temp to soften the fibers. Then of they go in our custom jigs to be bent in to shape. Once the hooks have bent to the design, we allow the hooks to cure for 3-5 days till all the excess moisture has been removed. 

So what woods do we use

Here are some of our top pics

  • American white oak
  • American red oak
  • American black Walnut
  • Ash

Each of the following wood have been used in project from our luxury watch stand to wall hooks and coat racks.


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